Rotary International 8th District 2452 Conference

Postponed to 10th – 12th of June 2021

Kingdom of Bahrain

District 2452 of Rotary International is delighted to announce the registration opening of  its forthcoming conference, that will take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 10th to 12th, June 2021 at the Gulf Hotel. It gives us pleasure to invite all Rotarians to register for the said conference.

District 2452 is home to 85 Rotary Clubs in 9 countries, namely, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia and Palestine.

Delegates from the said countries as well as others from the international Rotary world will be expected to grace our conference, and contribute to the wonderful international networking gathering.

The conference theme will be “For A Better Tomorrow”, and we will discuss 7 different global issues which include peace building & conflict prevention, basic education & literacy, disease prevention & treatment, water sanitation & hygiene, community economic development, maternal & child health, supporting the environment and other relevant topics.

Also, we will focus on current and pressing issues, including clean energy and a green environment, and the active and effective engagement of our youth in today’s economies and societies.

By attending this conference, you will have a golden opportunity to enlighten yourself by understanding the global support and you will be a part in promoting a healthy, peaceful and sustainable environment. Your presence at Rotary International 8th District 2452 Conference will be much appreciated, welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

DG's Message

Mazen Alumran

Fellow Rotarians, family of Rotarians & friends of Rotary,

The District Conference is an opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches and to discuss Rotary related matters. In our District, networking is a unique opportunity for people coming from 3 continents, nine countries, with different languages and cultures, to meet and talk.

Dear friends; in 2021, our District Conference will be held in the Pearl of the Gulf, in our beloved Kingdom of Bahrain. 


Rotarians together with Rotaractors, and Interactors, are already excited about this event. They are preparing for you a unique program full of fun activities.

My fellow Rotarians, I am looking forward to welcoming every one of you in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to make your visit to Bahrain a memorable event. 

Together we serve our societies FOR A BETTER TOMORROW, because, ROTARY OPENS OPPORUNITIES.


Fellow Rotarians and friends, I am delighted to invite you all to the 8th 2452 District Conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 10-12 June 2021.



Yours in Rotary 

Mazen Alumran

District Governor (2020-2021)

DG's Spouse's Message

Amal Almoayyed

My Dear Friends in our Rotary Family

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomes you once again from all over our beautiful Rotarian area.

You are welcome in 'your country' and amongst your family.

We have prepared for the 8th 2452 District Conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 10-12 June 2021 a rich program linking the past with the present and tradition with modernity.

I am confident that the Kingdom of Bahrain will bring back to many of you beautiful memories and for some others it will truly remain an unforgettable event.

My loved ones; my colleagues and I are waiting for you in the Kingdom of Bahrain (10-12 June 2021) to witness together the success of our Rotary movement in serving people and society through the many events and surprises that will be waiting for you.

Once again, you are welcome, and may God bless you!



Sincerely Yours,

Amal Almoayyed

First Lady District 2452 (2020-2021)